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  • ESPE 2015 (Barcelona, Espanja): Stunted Growth after Inhaled Corticosteroid Use during the First 24 Months of Life (Linkki lyhennelmään)
  • ESPE 2014 (Dublin, Irlanti): The impact of antibiotic exposure during infancy on weight (PDF)
  • ESPE 2014 (Dublin, Irlanti): Longitudinal growth of healthy preterm infants born below 37 gestation weeks (PDF)
  • ESPE 2013 (Milano, Italia): Early detection of celiac disease by using growth in height and weight in screening (PDF)
  • ESPE 2012 (Leipzig, Saksa): Large head circumference (HC) combined with accelerated HC growth rate facilitates early diagnosis of hydrocephaly (PDF)
  • ESPE 2011 (Glasgow, Skotlanti): Increasedheadcircumference-to-heightratiois an early and common feature in NF1 patients in infancy (PDF)
  • ESPE 2011 (Glasgow, Skotlanti): Accounting for both population and familial genetic factors improves the accuracy of growth screening (PDF)
  • ESPE 2010 (Praha, Tsekki): New Finnish growth references for children and adolecents (PDF)